Upcycling Club.

           Upcycling Club- Where old things are made into new and exciting things. In this club the students use old recycled things, like plastic bottles, to make unique and interesting things, like piggy banks and bird feeders .
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Year 5 and 6 PSHE Class

            During our PSHE class, year 5 and 6 made chocolate truffles. We made chocolate, orange and coconut flavour truffles and sold them to parents, teachers and students. We decided to make truffles because the students can learn about teamwork and the different stages of production. The truffles were ฿5 each and we made around ฿1,300, all of which will be donated to Songkhla Home for Children. It was great fun and the students enjoyed making and selling their truffles whilst learning about baking and business too.
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KG1 IPC Class.

           KG1 have been using their sensory skills to create a piece of art using sand, as part of their IPC unit 'Sand and Water'.
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Interactive Games Club.

           In interactive games club the students will play various board games, strategy games and some computer games. The aim of the club is so that children are thinking about the world, learning skills and having fun too. For example, Monopoly is a board game where children learn about business. They have to buy and sell houses and must understand how to spend and earn money. Technology is an important part of life nowadays and the students will get the opportunity to learn about it by using laptops and I pads in the club too. Interactive games club is a great way for kids to learn valuable life skills whilst having fun too.
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Play-Doh Club

           Play-Doh - modelling is not only great fun for kids, it's in the world 'play' but it's also has many other benefits, such as fine motor skill development, creativity and imagination, social skills and it is also very calming and therapeutic.  top   top

The Cube 2

           On Friday, 19th May 2017 we held "The Cube 2" team activity were students demonstrated their skills at various challenges involving catching, throwing, estimating, reacting, memorising, balancing, predicting etc.. All activities were timed to add an extra element of difficulty which helped them learn how to react under conditions affecting their concentration and normal abilities. It was loads of fun and many students discovered some hidden talents they may not have known otherwise.  top   top

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